Marketing Packages

Social Media

Create a Call to Action to connect to your site from all your social media.  Offer online booking, with payment!


Blog Package

When you share your expertise, you build a relationship with your audience.  They will buy from folks they know and trust.

Target Strategies

Launching a Program, hosting an event or connecting affiliates are all revenue generators that need a plan and detailed implementation to succeed!

Marketing Plan

An overall year long marketing plan to grow with conscious direction.  Brainstorming, coaching and a details outline to follow.

Strategy and Implementation

As a major part of any good business plan, marketing is the key to your growth.  Like opening a storefront and never telling any one you are there, launching a website and then not using it will result in the same thing…..a stagnant business.

I believe that your website should create a revenue stream right off the bat.  So, I offer a starter package with a connection to your Social Media platforms so people can find your site.

Whether you are going to book your appointments or sell product, there should be at least one way to make money on your website.  Ideas are flowing all the time around here, so get tuned in and let’s find your strategy!

Social Media

Get Connected
  • Connect Social Media to your Site
  • Call to Action installed on Facebook
  • Provide Social Media graphics for profile and cover
  • Install Booking Scheduler

Revenue Options

Make Money While You Sleep
  • Affiliate Linking Research & Implementation
  • Online Program Design Concept
  • Product Launch Plan
  • Detailed Online Marketing Strategy
Lorie Saito

Marketing Coaching...and a bit more

For my website clients only, I offer Marketing Coaching at $100 per hour.  I bill at quarter hour increments and will invoice when the total reaches $100 or 30 days, which ever comes first.

Need to run an idea past someone?  Want to launch a program but not sure about a detail or two?  Need to chat about an event you are hosting or a change to your marketing strategy?  Use the time as you see fit, I’m here.

Some of my clients use the time for Serenity Coaching.  In my other life, I practice meditation and am a Mindset Mentor.  If it’s just a reminder to take a deep breath, drink some water and take a walk to touch a tree, I’m happy to help.

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